Stewart Title Ltd. underwrites more than EUR 3 billion (€3,000,000,000) in title-insured transactions within Central Europe

Stewart exceeds milestone with the completion of its first commercial transactions in Istanbul, Turkey

LONDON (March 8, 2006) - Stewart Title Ltd. has underwritten more than EUR 3 billion (€3,000,000,000) in title-insured transactions within Central Europe with the completion of title insuring and underwriting a cross-border, multi-site retail mall transaction with Bainbridge Retail Properties. This venture was launched and managed by Paris-based sponsor and fund manager, Groupe Leonard de Vinci.

The Bainbridge transaction consisted of 20 hypermarket-retail centers across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Turkey. Stewart Title Ltd. issued both owner and lender policies, and used the existing Stewart International offices and underwriters in each of these markets to manage country-specific due diligence.

Stewart Title Ltd. and Stewart Information International are wholly owned subsidiaries of Stewart Information Services Corp. (Stewart) (NYSE-STC).

"Stewart's commitment to develop country-specific products within its various European offices has enabled us to provide the type of service our clients have come to expect and rightfully deserve," said Steve Lessack, chief executive officer, Stewart Title Ltd., and executive vice president, Stewart Information International. "This particular transaction has been a significant factor in reaching this milestone and in doing so, completing our first commercial transaction in Turkey.

"As a leader in the European title insurance industry, Stewart will continue to service our clients' needs in both the existing and emerging markets," added Lessack.

"The goal with any sizable real estate transaction is to not only create value, but mitigate risks and protect your investment," said Franck Ruimy, portfolio manager and principal, Groupe Leonard de Vinci. "Even with the most knowledgeable attorneys, there are uncertainties and inherent risks of title in Central Europe. Based on their understanding of the market and our needs, we engaged Stewart to provide title guaranty to ensure a greater sense of security for our investment and investors."

After issuing its first title guaranty in Central Europe in 2003, Stewart has reached the €3 billion milestone in 24 months. The Bainbridge transaction is the latest of a series of significant transactions completed by Stewart in Central Europe.

"With more institutional investors entering Central Europe's real estate market, interest in title guaranties for real estate assets is increasing," said Lessack. "Stewart is able to significantly reduce title risk and provide financial indemnification for remaining title risks, allowing large projects to proceed."

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